Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Worx TriVac leaf Vacuum Blower and Mulcher

This is just a little rant on the latest infomercial product from the people at Worx, the TriVac leaf vacuum blower mulcher. The TriVac actually has two basic modes, leaf blower and leaf Vacuum mulcher. The TriVac is a corded 110V AC unit(standard American electric socket) and as such limits usability to the range of your extension cord. Consumers should be careful not to overextend electric by adding one extension cord to another.
Worx TriVac mulcher feature distinguishes this product from other leaf blower and lawn vacuum products. TriVac’s mulcher feature actually answers a few problems that plagues homeowners when it comes to fall leaf pick up. Leaves can become quite bulky and require a number of bags, which must sit curbside until pickup. Some rural communities don’t even offer pickup, which means consumers must burn the leaves or create large compost bins. TriVacs mulch features Worx claims reduces the leaf debris to 10 percent, making composting a snap or just distribute the leaves in your garden for next year.
Worx’ informercial demonstrates the TriVac being used on sidewalks, driveways, workshops and around barbecues. The TriVac is seen picking up not only leaves, but cups and chips of wood. The infomercial shows the TriVac in use around the yard, but it becomes clear that the yard perhaps is not its strongest point. The TriVac has a narrow snout compared to some other lawn vacuums and would require a significant amount of handling to cover a large yard. Of course most homeowners are accustomed to utilizing their mower to create piles of leaves, which could then be picked up easily by the TriVac. The TriVac is also, shown vacuuming leaves from a gutter, but it is interesting that in order to do this with the TriVac one must walk the roof. This seems a bit impractical for most homeowners.
Worx offers a number of other products which can be viewed at their website. Among Worx products are cordless leaf blowers, but no cordless version of the TriVac. A cordless version of the Worx TriVac seems likely in the future and would offer homeowners even more versatility and convenience.

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Lauren jonczak said...

This sounds nice. Growing up we never had a blower or vacuum mulcher. But now that I just bought my first house I was thinking about getting one. I can't wait for the leaves to start falling. It is my favorite time of year.