Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amplified Digital TV Rotor Antenna - Product Review

This product review is for a uhf vhf digital TV antenna with 30 db gain pre-amplifier and remote controlled rotor. The Nitro NRA 3000 was purchased on EBay from the seller finditforless:

I am not affiliated with the seller or the product manufacturer in any way.

The digital TV antenna arrived UPS box inside a box with all the necessary components and an instruction manual. Some assembley is required. The instructions manual was in english, though clearly not written by someone fluent in the language. It was clear enough to understand, and a website was provided for further assembly instructions. All of the electronic components come pre-assembled, assembly basically involves assembling the plastic skeleton and placement of aluminum tubing for the antenna.

The digital TV antenna has a plastic skeletal construction and is not recommended for heavy wind exposure. We live about 60 miles from major TV markets in 3 different directions. With the digital TV antenna setup on a oscillating fan stand indoors, I was able to pick up channels I was not receiving with an outdoor antenna. I attribute this to the power amplifier, which by the way is indoor AC converted to DC for traveling up the coax. Some amplifiers involve outdoor AC, which I don't feel comfortable with, so this was a big selling point for me. The rotor does not have a directional indicator, so if you change directions frequently this could be a disadvantage for outdoor installation, especially at night. Overally, I am happy with the antenna, however I am looking for a 70 db gain pre-amplifier with indoor AC setup, that I could hook up to a traditional antenna. The Nitro has a 30 db gain, which explains the improved digital TV Antenna Reception.

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